Route 66 is the main street of Oatman

oatman 054Welcome to Oatman Arizona, an old Gold Mining Town Dating back to the late 1800’s. In it’s prime Oatman and it’s neighbor Goldroad were the largest gold producers in Arizona.

Located up the hill from Bullhead City and Laughlin on the Colorado River, old timers will remember it as a Route 66 stop over as the famed road passes right through the middle of town.

Today it is host to 40 plus gift and Antique Shops, Gun Fight Shows and Wild Burros.. Left over from the mining days the Burro’s make themselves home wandering the streets… careful they’ll follow you right into a store.



The Picture to the left shows a normal day in Oatman with up to a dozen or more “Wild Burro’s” on the streets. Most of the Stores sell a bag of Carrots for a Dollar so you can feed these nomads.




oatman 066


The Sidewalks are wooden and most of the buildings are as they were built.  The friendly town residence and store owners dress in western clothes and do their best to help create the early days. In place of Horse’s the town tends to draw a wide variety of Motorcycle Clubs.



oatman 058



Left,,, is the Oatman Hotel…Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent a honeymoon night here, after marrying in Kingman, in 1939


Several Times a Day in front of the Old Oatman Hotel the Ghost Riders Gunfighters perform Western Shootouts.

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